I proudly and humbly present to you a labor of love that was nearly two years in production and a lifetime in the making. My new CD, Prescriptions, is a collection of remedies that have helped us and our mothers and fathers to navigate the many emotions in our lives such as pain, confusion, narcissism, joy, anger, and mourning. The CD can be bought through this website and many other platforms listed below.

“Sankofa! He has done it again! The medicine man, Lawrence Watson, the truest keeper of the tradition that I know of, has provided Prescriptions. Not art for art’s sake, but music for the healing and restoration of the human spirit.

Educated in the tradition of our musician priest, Larry has used refined senses and ancestral knowledge to identify the medicine present in our musical environment; from pop to jazz to spirituals. In keeping with African traditions of healing, he has activated the medicinal power contained in each song through his Word Power. Watson as the elder has called together the ancestors, the forces of nature and the will of the Almighty in this sacred record(re-cord). The circle is unbroken.

Sankofa! The spirit of Truth is reborn. The message is clear. Through God’s power, self-reflection, love, intimate communication and harmony with what is natural, we can and must save ourselves.” ~Philip Doran Bailey, Berklee alumnus and vocalist/percussionist for Earth, Wind & Fire

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Lead Vocals: Lawrence Watson, Desmond Scaife, Jr. (on Man in the Mirror)

Backing Vocals: Ashwa Marshall, Kristina Waller, Desmond Scaife, Jr.

Woodwinds: Richard Dye, Jack Sheehan, Pedro Moreno, Pat Loomis, Daniel Sagastume
Trumpets: VanDarrel Woods, Arnetta Johnson
Trombones: Rob Krahn, Marial Austin

Violins: Ethan Anderson-Carter, Tania Mesa, Jordan Pettis, Dominika Hwang
Viola: Gerson Eguiguren
Cello: Marta Roma
Double Bass: Alexander Trampas

Piano/Keyboards: Utar Artun, Desmond Scaife, Jr.
Guitar: Dokun Oke
Bass: Tabari Lake, Minjae Yim
Drums: Slaven Ljujic

Featured Soloists:
Maria Austin, Utar Artun, Tabari Lake, Slaven Ljujic (Another Part of Me)
Pat Loomis (When Sunny Gets Blue)
Arnetta Johnson (Tenderly)

Orchestral Arrangers: Alvin Foster, Utar Artun
Vocal Arranger: Desmond Scaife, Jr.
Producer: Paula Gallitano
Executive Producer: Lawrence Watson
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Michael Moss
Mastering Engineer: Gil Tamazyan
Attorney for SaveOurSelves Productions: Bonnie Berry LaMon, Attorney at Law, B2L Entertainment Law Group

Album Artwork: Alvin Foster

Music recorded and mixed at Soundscape Studios in Boston, MA (soundscapeboston.com) and mastered at Capsule Labs in Los Angeles, CA (capsulelabs.com)

additional biographies on the personnel can be found at saveourselvesproductions.com - go to tab for “Prescriptions”

Lawrence Watson celebrates thirty years of performing throughout the New England areas and around the world. He performs in Asia delivering his own special brand of H.E.M (Highly Emotional Music) to the people of Singapore, Shanghai and Malaysia. He is the lead male vocalist for a United States based international tour entitled the "The American Songbook."

He has been the featured artist in the annual "Passion Caribe" dance and music festival in Barranquilla Colombia, South America and currently one of the new vocal-coach- judges on the WGBH television show Sing That Thing! The show is designed to showcase the best amateur choirs in Greater Boston and beyond in a contemporary production model that reveals the passion, vitality, and timeless appeal of the choral experience.

Watson is in the final stages of his long awaited book of his original music and special arrangements of all time classic standards. The book entitled "H.E.M Music" focuses on what he refers to as "Highly Emotional music. The book will in addition to offering the audience 25 classic songs is illustrated by young urban Hip Hop artist of color. The book is an insightful look at the social history of people of African descent through their popular musical forms. All of the illustrations in the book capture visually the intention of the songs. Being a Master teacher, Watson has used this opportunity to highlight the often overlooked young Black talent in America. It is one of the few examples of a classic collaboration between visual and musical artists in the Black community.

His fourth studio recording is expected to be available to the public for Fall 2015. The project entitled "Prescriptions" will consist of many of the songs Watson has wowed audiences with throughout his career. These songs have worked as "medicine" during some of the tough and challenging times in our lives.

Watson a soulful messenger-a modern-day Paul Robeson is currently a Professor of Ensembles in the Performance Division at Berklee College of Music. He has been a member of the Voice Department since 1994 and is the Resident Artist at the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at the Harvard Law School.

Mr. Berry Gordy, Founder of the Motown Record Company, the most successful record company of the 20th Century said the following:

"First, I want to say as great at Motown was, if we had had Larry Watson (thunderous applause) it would have been even better…. it would have been amazing, he was incredible, his rhythm …we would have been off the charts if he would have been there."

Kay Bourne music critic for the Bay State Banner writes:

"This powerful baritone, who easily swoops up to the tenor range, sings with a groovy beat lyrics that convey messages smoothly delivered yet relevant to the Black cause. He is the respected inheritor of the Great Black Music tradition of blues, jazz and gospel, but his own man too."

Mr. Watson has been special guest with billing on concerts with Al Green, Smokey Robinson, Oleta Adams, Little Richard, Gladys Knight, The Neville Brothers, Tata Vega, Jean Carne, and The Boston Pop Orchestra. He has also been the soloist at several events honoring three Supreme Court Justices, President Nelson Mandela, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, The Honorable Reverend Desmond Tutu, and President Barack Obama.

His two CD's "The Journey" and "American Fruit with African Roots" are available on line. Founder, President and Artistic Director of SaveOurSelves Productions and Consulting, Watson remains committed to the preservation and performance of African descent musical expression. The Motto of the company, "If we don't SaveOurSelves no one else will.

Lawrence Watson
SaveOurSelves Productions and Consulting